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The Best of Foodie Knowledge

Foodie Knowledge was one of the concepts I had when I started my original blog tipsfortips.  The food posts started right away with my first feature “Foodie Fridays.”  Eventually I discovered that writing food related posts on a weekly basis was a bit of a strain.  Instead, food related posts were featured on the blog as they occurred to me.  They fell into two basic categories: posts about food and posts for foodies.  When I started Foodie Knowledge, I wanted to make it about more than just food.  It also covers dining out and posts about restaurant culture from a guests perspective.

More than any other blog on the network, Foodie Knowledge is based on search engine traffic.  Search engines traffic is not always based upon how often the subject of the post is searched for.  Instead it is based upon a combination of how often it is searched for and what spot the post comes up in the results.  This means that the most commonly searched for posts are not always the ones that receive the most traffic.  Instead it is usually the posts that are written about by others the least.  That should explain a lot about this list.

Top Ten Most Viewed Posts:

Ahi Tuna and Mako Shark

Fun Crab Facts and Jokes

Foodie Friday: Beef Made Easy (Part Two)

The Groupon Effect

Foodie Friday: Types of Crab

Foodie Friday: Beef Made Easy (Part One)

Introducing: Dining 101

Faking It

Mixed Greens/ Spring Mix

Does It Really Matter

There are some good posts on that list.  I do not think that it accurately reflects the best posts on this blog.  There is some content that I am really proud of, but don’t receive much traffic.  Here are some of those posts that I think deserve a look, but rarely pop up on search engine results. 

Top Ten Posts According to Me:

Lobster Facts and Trivia: As this post reflects, I am a big fan of lobsters.  I think they are fascinating animals and still hope to have one as a pet one day.

Five Great Food Stories: This was one of the very first posts on my original blog.  These are stories that I still tell to my tables and could make your next meal more interesting.

Understanding French Sauces (Part Two) : I don’t think anyone can really call themselves a “foodie” without understanding the importance of Chef Escoffier.  This post discusses the “mother sauces” and how they still influence what we eat.

Espresso Drinks: I consult this post more than any other on this blog.  I find myself looking up these drinks frequently when asked to make these drinks.

Ranch Dressing and Why We Love It:  This post was about far more than just ranch dressing.  It allowed me to briefly discuss the changes in what we eat and how modern food is designed to keep you “hooked.”

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar:  I learned as much from writing this post as I have from anything else I have written.

Foodie Friday: Fact or Fiction: A fun look at the urban legends surrounding what we eat from the fine people at snopes.com.  This makes for fun water cooler conversations.

Dr StrangeSalmon: My look at the scare tactics surrounding genetically modified salmon and why it might be the most environmentally conscience salmon available.

Foodie Friday: Health and Environmental Issues of Salmon: A hard hitting look at the environmental impacts of farm raised salmon.

The Groupon Effect:  I am glad this made both lists.  I think this may be the most important post I have made on this blog.

Foodie Knowledge will soon grow to include a great number of new topics.  I want to expand the seafood knowledgebase.  There are also posts in the works on bourbon and scotch.  Steaks and their preparations are also going to be a hot topic in the future.  There is no shortage of ideas for this blog.  As soon as I get the time to write them all, Foodie Knowledge will be an even greater source for information on the food you eat.

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