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Introducing: Dining 101

Dining 101

When I started Foodie Knowledge, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted it to become.  I knew that I needed a home for all of my food related posts.  The series of beef and smoked salmon dishes were obvious choices.  I also knew that it would give me the chance to write more about the food topics that interest me.  Posts on seafood, greens, and grains are all waiting to be posted or in the research stages.

There is more to being a foodie than just food though.  This is also has the potential for other topics related to dining, such as renovating a restaurant, improving dining experience, as well as putting up restaurant-related and ADA compliant restroom signs.  That made a natural home for some of my more controversial posts.  Issues of tipping on to go orders or punitive tipping found their spot in the network.  Many more hot button issues will find their way to this blog.

There is one natural topic I have always avoided on this blog.  Dining etiquette is not something I try to address on here.  I have too much of a vested interest to comment.  After years of serving certain social acceptable requests strike a raw nerve.  There are plenty of other topics to be covered without dipping my toe in that pond.

Fortunately, someone else has taken on this challenge.  A long time fan of this blog has started a new site.  Dining 101 with Mr Wolfe provides practical and pragmatic information on dining etiquette and decorum.  He does so in a way that is truly balanced.  This is not another blog where a server complains about the way their guests act.  The information is more based on consideration for other diners than making your server’s job easier.

Mr Wolfe shows his readers how to make the best impression on those who are dining with them.  From basics to the more advanced dilemmas, he addresses them in a way that is helpful and informative.  Knowing how properly conduct yourself in a restaurant is important in both personal and professional settings. This site provides that knowledge in a way that is practical and easily applied.

I have seen countless negative impressions made by diners on those around them.  From first date bombs to business deals that will never be made, the consequences of poor table etiquette can be disastrous.  These missteps generally aren’t intended, but rooted in a lack of knowledge. Business deals are increasingly solidified in the dining room, not the boardroom.  Knowledge is power.  This site gives you the information you need to be a more powerful diner and make the impression you intended to.

I recommend visiting his diner’s checklist.  Also stick around to see the videos he posts weekly.  The second installment is now posted.  This variety of formats as well as a very nicely designed site, makes this blog easy to enjoy.  His expertise and experience can be useful to even seasoned diners.  Take the time to check it out and you might even learn something new.

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