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About The Hospitality Formula Network

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In April of 2010, David Hayden began a single blog at http://tipsfortips.wordpress.com/.  This was intended to serve as a companion site for the book Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips.  The blog was started after the book had been finished and contained more detailed explanations of some of the themes addressed in this book.  Sales and customer service-related topics were the focus of the writing.  These articles provide additional tips on practical applications of many topics addressed in the book.

As this blog attracted more readers, it began to address other topics relating to the restaurant industry.  A number of articles were written to provide servers with valuable information on food and wine.  Additional posts explained different facets of the restaurant industry.  Still other articles dealt with the more humorous aspects of life in the hospitality industry in general.  The content on the blog had expanded beyond the original focus and title of the blog.

In December of 2010, the original blog was expanded into what is now called “The Hospitality Formula Network.”  This network is comprised of a series of sites written by David Hayden addressing all aspects of restaurant operations.  These sites currently include:

The Hospitality Formula Network (http://hospitalityformula.com/)- is a compilation of all of the posts within the network on one easy-to-navigate page.

Tips For Improving Your Tips (http://www.tipssquared.com/)- features articles explaining how to be a better server and improve your tips.

The Manager’s Office (http://www.themanagersoffice.com/)- addresses restaurant operations and information on how restaurant managers can perform more effectively.

Foodie Knowledge (http://www.foodieknowledge.com/)- contains a plethora of posts regarding food and the information a server should know about the food they sell.

Restaurant Laughs (http://www.restaurantlaughs.com/)- provides a look at the more humorous side of restaurant life.

Tips2: The Book (http://www.tips2book.com/)- is a companion site to this book containing additional information, reviews, and updates.

As the Hospitality Formula Network continues to expand, additional sites will be brought into the network in the near future.  The network’s rapid growth if fueled by the goal of becoming the definitive source for information related to the restaurant industry.  Each of these sites contains valuable information that can help hospitality industry professionals perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively.