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spit in food

Your Restaurant Server Will Not Spit In Your Food

  Regardless of the story your friend told you about his cousin’s nephew’s friend’s uncle, restaurant servers do not spit in guests’ food.  Also men with hooks for a hand do not prowl lookout point and if you say “Bloody Mary” three times she will not appear.  Although the latter would explain why servers, in […]

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Restaurant reviews

Why Restaurants Have Bad Nights

Let’s face it, sometimes restaurants have a bad night.  Maybe the food takes too long or your table is not ready when you arrive.  It is frustrating.  A restaurant that has impressed you so many times before just doesn’t live up to your past experiences.  It is easy to be upset.  It is also important to remember […]

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propose at a restaurant

How To Propose At A Restaurant

Over my years in the restaurant industry, I have witnessed a number of wedding proposals occur during my shift.  With Valentine’s Day approaching, and my bachelor status allowing this post not to create the most awkward Valentine’s Day date ever, I decided to spend a few moments to write about some of the best and […]

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waiting for an empty table

Why Do I Have To Wait For A Table At A Restaurant?

If you have found this article, you can probably relate to having to wait for a table at a restaurant.  You arrive at a restaurant, you see open tables, but you are told that you will have to wait to be seated.  This is incredibly frustrating.  If the table is open, why wouldn’t a restaurant […]

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Best Practices for Proper Waste Disposal in Restaurants

Restaurant operations generate a significant amount of waste, including food scraps, packaging materials, and other byproducts. Implementing proper waste disposal practices is essential for maintaining cleanliness, reducing environmental impact, and complying with regulations. In this article, we will discuss some best practices for restaurants to effectively manage and dispose of waste. Separate Waste Streams:Implement a […]

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