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Foodie Trivia Game

With all of the foodie information available on this blog, I decided to post a quick foodie trivia game for you all to enjoy.  All of the answers to the questions in this game can be found in one of the posts on this blog.  If you enjoy it, I will certainly create more trivia games like this to boost your foodie cred.  […]

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There are two types of people in this world.  Those than have eaten snails and those who haven’t.  This is equally true of any other food item as well.  Snails are just a more significant dividing line.  As someone who has served escargot in the past, I saw plenty of both groups.  I even watched […]

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The Bull That Changed America

Most Americans love a great steak.  It has become a staple of the menu of most restaurants and commonly fetches a premium price.  Steaks have come to signify indulgence and distinction.  We celebrate with steaks and enjoy them on our special occasions.  It is difficult to even imagine a time when this was not the […]

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10 Words We Pretend We Know

I have been at this serving game for quite a while.  I have worked for countless chefs, pitched thousands of specials, and guided over 100,000 people through their dining experience.  I even write a blog called Foodie Knowledge to help educate other people about food.  It is not a bad little resume for establishing foodie […]

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Mixed Greens / Spring Mix

Salads have becoming much more confusing over the years.  We have moved from iceberg and romaine to a variety of weeds, leafs, and greens.  Spring mix and mixed greens can be found on even casual restaurant’s menus.  Still the components of these mixtures can be a mystery to even the most knowledgeable foodies.  Some of […]

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