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10 Words We Pretend We Know

I have been at this serving game for quite a while.  I have worked for countless chefs, pitched thousands of specials, and guided over 100,000 people through their dining experience.  I even write a blog called Foodie Knowledge to help educate other people about food.  It is not a bad little resume for establishing foodie […]

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The Best of Foodie Knowledge

Foodie Knowledge was one of the concepts I had when I started my original blog tipsfortips.  The food posts started right away with my first feature “Foodie Fridays.”  Eventually I discovered that writing food related posts on a weekly basis was a bit of a strain.  Instead, food related posts were featured on the blog […]

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Introducing: Dining 101

When I started Foodie Knowledge, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted it to become.  I knew that I needed a home for all of my food related posts.  The series of beef and smoked salmon dishes were obvious choices.  I also knew that it would give me the chance to write more about the […]

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Aspirational Dining Defined

I am a Mac guy.  This means only the occasional interruption for updates from Microsoft.  These are most often for Word for Macs.  Yet in none of these updates have they added to my spell check dictionary words like “Barack Obama, Al Qaeda, or Facebook.”  If they do implement this change they can use this […]

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Dr Strange Salmon

or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Genetically Modified Salmon Earlier this week I posted a link to a story regarding the AquAdvantage genetically modified salmon.  In the days since, I have become fascinated by this concept.  I have consumed dozens of articles on the topic and several related topics.  I have also […]

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