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Understanding Restaurants: The Manager’s Perspective

Archeologists have recently discovered a cave in Egypt believed to be the first restaurant.  Obviously it would not meet our modern interpretation of a restaurant.  It is clear from inscriptions on the wall that people did come in and were served food.  Barter took place and guests typically ate their food there.  One inscription depicts a number of servers standing in a side station complaining to each other that the manager has not cut the floor.  Some things never change.

While the preceding story is fictitious, it does demonstrate a familiar truth.  Restaurant servers and managers are often puzzled by the actions of each other.  This leads to managers too often viewing servers and lazy and insubordinate.  Servers on the other side view managers too often as lazy and incompetent.  While both can occasionally be true, the more common cause is neither side understanding the perspective of the other.  Both groups have their own competing priorities. A manager needs to make sure the restaurant is run successfully as a business. This of course means considering details no one else has to, all the way through the list to grease recycling even. By understanding the priorities a manager must balance, servers can better understand their managers and more positively effect change.

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2 comments on “Understanding Restaurants: The Manager’s Perspective

  1. yellowcat on said:

    I love that scene in ‘Waiting’ where the waitress is stomping around yelling about how many servers are on the floor. No matter where you go, things remain the same.

    We had this absolutely crazy manager for the last several years. No one could work with him, staff turnover was incredible, and those who stayed for the money were relieved of their self esteem. Since he couldn’t keep a morning crew (when he worked) the restaurant stopped serving breakfast. Since servers went out the door faster than flies tried to get in, he removed 5 tables (a full section) from the dining room. He claimed to work for the owner, but I think he was working for himself.

    Now that he’s gone, I think I’m going to ask for those 5 tables to be returned to the dining room.

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