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The Server Blind Spot

Remember those bubble domed cars from The Jetsons that we were all supposed to be driving around in by now?*  While they probably would be only slightly less safe than a Suzuki Samurai* in a rollover test, they did have one great design benefit.  There would be no blind spot.  No fear of a Vespa […]

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Is It Hot In Here?

If the weather where you live is like most of the country right now, it is hot. Not just a little hot, but repressively hot. I read recently that the Midwest has experienced higher temperatures for more consecutive days than during the dust bowl era. It is the sort of hot spell that makes you […]

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Does It Really Matter?

I have been accused of being a food snob on occasion.  In some areas this is probably accurate.  I won’t eat any garnish that comes from a bar tray.  I won’t eat farm-raised salmon.  I won’t eat anything grown in poop.  I won’t eat gulf oysters.  I would also point out in my defense that […]

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Faking It

As I was firing up the computer this morning, I received a frantic text from a friend.  She has a first date coming up that she has been pretty nervous about.  He finally picked the restaurant and from what she could tell, it did not seem like a place to order a beer.  She decided […]

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Touched By A Server

Back in October, I did an interview with Helena Echlin from CHOW Magazine.  The topic was whether or not it was appropriate for a server to touch a guest.  I thought at first that it was a strange question.  My initial instinct was that a server should never touch a guest.  In the subsequent weeks […]

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