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Searches Answered

Crab, Krap, gaforre, سلطعون, narahatlıq, karramarro, крабамі, краб, cranc, 蟹, rak, krab, krabbe, krabi, alimasag, rapu, crabe, caranguejo, καβούρι, סרטן, tarisznyarák, krabbi, portán, granchio, カニ, 게, krabis, krabas, рак, ketam, Granċ, خرچنگ, краба, rakovica, cangrejo, krabba, ปู, yengeç, کیکڑا, cua, קראַב

So part of being the slightly neurotic blogger that I am is keeping an eye on what searches brought people here.  Sometimes they are very specific searches.  In those cases I stop and think, “Did I answer that?”  For some I am convinced that I not only answered the question, but did so thoroughly.  For others I never even thought of the question.

Then there are another bunch that I have no idea why they ended up here.  Some of these terms come up frequently.  If I search my blog for the term, it doesn’t come up.  Yet week after week certain terms will have a couple searches each.  It is almost like the algorithmic gods of the internets have decided that I was the place to come for that information.  In fear of angering these gods, I will give the searchers what they want.

So today I will try and provide the information that these searchers were looking for when they stumbled here the first time.  I will present their unedited search in bold with my comments to follow.  Remember that search engines generally correct spelling errors.  This means that people don’t spell check them as much.  Or at least that is what I am trying to stay convinced of.

September 18, 2010

What part of the cow is delmonico steak?

Short Answer: It is a more expensive sounding name for a Ribeye.

Long Answer: Whatever you want to call a Delmoinco.  There was a steakhouse in NYC called Delmonico’s 150 years ago.  Everyone loved their steaks, but no one can agree on what cut it is.  The name has been rendered useless and therefore there really is no rule on what can be called a Delmonico.  That being said I have never seen a context in real life where it was not a Ribeye.

Do fancy restaurants really have swan fo?

That was the maximum characters I can get.  I am assuming they meant foil swans.  Yes and even some not so fancy ones.  I wrote a post describing how to make them.  Mine is still the only restaurant I know of with foil sharks though.

Food tips for improving pregnancy

With age I have become far more diplomatic.  That would fully prevent me from in anyway trying to tell a pregnant woman what to eat.

September 17, 2010

Chum salmon restaurant

I talked about salmon species, but made only a passing reference to Keta or Chum Salmon.  If it is being served in a restaurant, it better be as salmon cakes.  Chum is almost always canned.  If you work somewhere where they are serving it as filets, I would be concerned.

Motivating assisted living servers

You got me on that one.  I think you still go back to mastery, purpose, and autonomy as I discussed in “The Epiphany” and the follow up articles.  That is a tough gig.  I can imagine motivation and retention would be a big challenge.

September 16, 2010

Restaurant bosses dating waitresses

Be honest, how many of you already had envisioned a particular person reading that phrase?  I wrote about why not to date coworkers.  Why not to date employees is even easier.  If you do, that employee now owns your job.  Fear of them costing your job will cause you to do anything short of losing your job to buy their silence.

best bartender in columbia, mo

I know I have never addressed this topic.  It is Kenny at McNally’s and previously of Widmans.  Funny Widmans story, I was a server in KC at 23, but was visiting college friends in Columbia.  I was drinking good scotch at the bar when the owner came up and asked me if I wanted to drink some Louis with him.  I asked a price and he said $40.  My pallet was shot from a night of drinking, so I could not fully appreciate it.  Still to this day I can say that I have enjoyed some.

September 15, 2010


This is one of those strange words that keep popping up.  I actually just found out what it meant.  It is the name given to crabs in Indonesia.  Not sure how it landed here.  Maybe this link will help.  Kepiting

September 14, 2010

Server wages by state

This was probably from my Tom Emmer posts.  This information was a couple links deep in one of the posts.  To find a state by state list of server wages, visit this page at the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor.  To break it down into total income (wages plus tips) in a variety of different ways, start at this page

September 13, 2010


When this shows up in my search terms it looks like KPA6.  It is actually the Ukrainian word for crab when you cut and paste it. Краб

While we are at it, here are 40 ways to say “crab” around the world:

Krap, gaforre, سلطعون, narahatlıq, karramarro, крабамі, краб, cranc, 蟹, rak, krab, krabbe, krabi, alimasag, rapu, crabe, caranguejo, καβούρι, סרטן, tarisznyarák, krabbi, portán, granchio, カニ, 게, krabis, krabas, рак, ketam, Granċ, خرچنگ, краба, rakovica, cangrejo, krabba, ปู, yengeç, کیکڑا, cua, קראַב

September 12, 2010

how many glasses can be poured of one bo

If you were going to finish the sentence with “of wine,” you assume with bar pours four glasses.  You can stretch that out to six or eight though if pouring for a table.  With Champagne, you assume six glasses.  For toasts it can be stretched out much further.

September 11, 2010

starting restaurant how long profit

At least twice as long as you had planned for in your worse case scenario.

That does it for today.  I hope some of this was interesting to some of you.  I can sleep easier knowing I have appeased the search gods.  For the rest of you I am sure I will post something that interests you soon enough.  Have a suggestion?  Leave it in the comments.

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    I write a very innocuous blog [really] but I made the mistake of one day using the term food p*rn and my hits got really interesting, quickly! So there is a term you might want to avoid. :D

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      I passed on the phrase “food crush” to a blogger friend. It worked better on his than on mine. It turns out that on the internet it means something completely different.

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