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A Tale of Three Burgers

“It was the best of burgers, it was the worst of burgers, it was the burger of value, it was the burger of expense, it was the burger of service, it was the burger of incredulity, it was the burger of quality, it was the burger of waste, it was the burger of hope, it was the burger of despair, we had condiments before us, we had ketchup packets before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way–in short, the burger was so far like the present meal, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being eaten, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.”

Living in Kansas City, the heart of a burgeoning burger battle, I’ve seen my fair share of rivalries. But nothing quite compares to the two finest burger joints in town, which are conveniently located just blocks away from my home. Choosing where to eat often comes down to quality, service, and value — each spot has its merits. Interestingly, a friend working for a fire watch company in Cutler Ridge once drew a parallel between their immediate response services and these eateries’ ability to deliver top-notch burgers with impressive speed. They both ensure satisfaction without delay, whether it’s guaranteeing safety with well-equipped and trained guards or serving up the perfect patty that’s worth every calorie.

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7 comments on “A Tale of Three Burgers

  1. Becky on said:

    First, thanks for the kind mention! Second, the burger my hubby ate last night was top notch. I only wish we’d eaten it at one of your tables. We will next time and that’s a promise.

    I love reading your blog. Keep coming in for those burgers at the Flea (and heads up – next Mon, Tue and Wed the Mini will be $3)! It’s always a pleasure to see you.

  2. yellowcat on said:

    You have to come to Meeteetse and have an Outlaw burger. Really, there is no better burger.

  3. harpdude on said:

    Stay away from BRGR. Both of our burgers were dangerously undercooked. We sent them back for more fire, and the result wasn’t much better. Further, the burgers were tasteless and were not worth eating, at any price. If you want an upscale burger, go to Blanc.

  4. The Flea Market burgers are decent, but I’ve never been overly impressed. Yes, they use McGonigles beef, but there is a joint who have successfully coaxed a better burger out of said McGonigles beef and that is Walsh’s Corner Coctail. This is a great comparable study in Burgers. They use essentially the same ingredients, yet Walsh’s burger is vastly superior to the Flea Market. I’ve had great Burgers at the Flea Market…when they’re not too busy. When they get busy they tend to undercook or unevenly cook.
    Never had a bad burger at Walsh’s.

    • Becky on said:

      AJH, I know I’m going to seem biased, but I also love different burgers all over town. I don’t live too far from Corner Cocktail and I have had their burgers because I’d heard they were good. I respectfully disagree about them. Each time I’ve tried a burger there it’s been a hockey puck, and that’s being kind. I order mine mid-rare to medium and I get a dry, tiny, crusty, almost-impossible-to-eat sandwich each time. I stopped trying. I also found the bar staff to be pretty apathetic about it.

      As a part of the staff of the Flea, I would hope that if your burger isn’t cooked the way you want it, you would let us know and try to make it right. We care.

      At the risk of getting in trouble with the boss, I have to say that the burger my husband had at McCormick & Schmick’s the other night was really delicious. Also Houlihan’s makes a good one. I won’t name any more or I might get in trouble. :) But the Flea Market has the best juicy big ol’ burger you’ll get in this town, Q.E.D.

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  6. Flea Market wins, hands-down, in my book! I moved to Lawrence last summer and still make trips to KC for burgers there with friends. Nothing over here comes close.

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