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Welcome to Foodie Knowledge

Foodie Knowledge was created to provide information on the dishes we love and the industry that creates them.  On this site you will find practical insights about a wide variety of foods in bite sized morsels.  Seafood, steaks, cocktails, and more are discussed throughout this site to help you make informed decisions when ordering your next meal.  This information is provided without an agenda.  This site will not tell you what to eat, but help you enjoy what you eat even more.

Foodie Knowledge was created as a knowledge base for professional restaurant servers.  The information on this site was written by a professional restaurant server and addresses the questions he has received from his guests.  As the readership grew, more questions were sent in regarding the way restaurants operate and the frustrations felt while dining out.  This caused the focus of the site to expand beyond food and into all aspects of food culture.  In doing so, it addressed many of the issues that annoy guests about restaurants to help them understand why the industry operates in the manner it does.

Foodie Knowledge is just one website in the larger network known as The Hospitality Formula Network.  Other sites include Restaurant Laughs, The Manager’s Office, and Tips Squared.  All of the sites are written by David Hayden.  Mr. Hayden is a professional restaurant server, consultant, and blogger.  In 2011, he released his first book, Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips, as a comprehensive training manual for restaurant servers.   His goal is to create mutual respect between the dining public and the professionals who serve them.

Most Recent Posts On Foodie Knowledge

Why Restaurants Are Expensive: Food

In the first part of this series, I want to address the most basic standard of comparison on restaurant prices: food. Countless times I have heard and overheard tables say, “I could buy that for X at the grocery store.” While it is true that you can buy beef or chicken at a grocery store […]

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restaurants expensive

Why Is Food So Expensive In Restaurants? An Intro

One of the most interesting parts of writing a blog it that you get to see the search engine terms that lead people to finding your site. It is the best information you can get to understand the motivations of your readers. This information drives a great deal of what I write about on this […]

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Why I Dislike Yelp And The Other Review Sites (Part Two)

In the previous post, I discussed some of the anecdotal reasons I dislike Yelp and other reviews sites. I think they are bad for the restaurant industry and often showcase misleading reviews without a measure of validity. Since my first job in this business I have been told that a satisfied guest will tell a […]

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guest complaint

Why I Hate Yelp And The Other Review Sites (Part One)

I was recently scrolling through my restaurants reviews on one of the major online review sites when I ran across one that looked very familiar. This reviewer spoke of a sandwich that was burnt beyond being edible. She said that she ordered prime rib, but was instead served flank steak. She continued to claim that […]

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There are two types of people in this world.  Those than have eaten snails and those who haven’t.  This is equally true of any other food item as well.  Snails are just a more significant dividing line.  As someone who has served escargot in the past, I saw plenty of both groups.  I even watched […]

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Dear Celebrity Chef, IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU!

I recently went to a restaurant named Mestizo that just opened in a swanky shopping district in Kansas City.  I think my experience could best be summed up by the comment I posted on a story about the restaurant on the local food/restaurant blog. “I visited Aaron Sanchez presents Aaron Sanchez’s Mestizo by Aaron Sanchez […]

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The Server Blind Spot

Remember those bubble domed cars from The Jetsons that we were all supposed to be driving around in by now?*  While they probably would be only slightly less safe than a Suzuki Samurai* in a rollover test, they did have one great design benefit.  There would be no blind spot.  No fear of a Vespa […]

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Making Flavored Syrups For Beverages

I had my last alcoholic beverage on October 11th, 2005.  The toughest part of giving up alcohol for me was losing the variety of drink options.  There are tens of thousands of amateur and professional bartenders around the world constantly working on developing new cocktails.  The options are virtually limitless.  When I gave up booze […]

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The Bull That Changed America

Most Americans love a great steak.  It has become a staple of the menu of most restaurants and commonly fetches a premium price.  Steaks have come to signify indulgence and distinction.  We celebrate with steaks and enjoy them on our special occasions.  It is difficult to even imagine a time when this was not the […]

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The New Foodie Knowledge Blogroll

Foodie Knowledge encompasses a wide variety of food and foodie related topics.  I wanted to find a wide range of sites to reflect that variety.  What you won’t find here is a bunch of recipe blogs.  Instead, I want to get deeper into understanding food and foodie culture.  The sites features are informative and provide […]

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Stop Overcooking Pork

Pigs really do get a raw deal.  Two major religions prohibit eating them.  They stutter and are filthy on TV.  They are notoriously bad builders who are often attacked by big bad wolves and angry birds.  They are synonymous with gluttony.  If any animal needed a public relations makeover, this is it. Perhaps the worst […]

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