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The New Foodie Knowledge Blogroll

Foodie Knowledge encompasses a wide variety of food and foodie related topics.  I wanted to find a wide range of sites to reflect that variety.  What you won’t find here is a bunch of recipe blogs.  Instead, I want to get deeper into understanding food and foodie culture.  The sites features are informative and provide several varying viewpoints on food and the restaurant industry.

Here, in no particular order, are the sites that make up the new Foodie Knowledge blogroll.

Table Manners

Helena Echlin’s column in CHOW magazine is the definitive source for all of your dining etiquette questions.

Food Waste Focus

By some estimates, half of the food we grow is wasted.  Food Waste Focus addresses this issue and how we can better utilize our waste.

Diner’s Journal

The weekly “What We’re Reading” post is a great way to keep track of what is happening in the world of food.

Pro Chef 360

Australian Chef Matthew J. Goudge uses his vast experience to give a valuable education to budding chefs and consumers.

Here… Taste This…

This is more than a blog about working in a kitchen.  The author shares intimate details about her life and the people she works with.  It is an unflinching look at one chef’s life in a kitchen.

Friends Eat

This incredibly eclectic blog features posts about different aspects of dining, cooking, and being a responsible consumer.

Comfort Me With Offal

If you haven’t read Ruth Bourdain yet, you are missing out on the writer who has become a hit amongst foodies and celebrity chefs alike.

Sit Stay Cook

I mentioned in the beginning that I don’t do recipe sites.  This blog is written in a way that makes it worth of an exception.

Fat City

My favorite local food blog contains a great deal of relevant chatter regarding the restaurant industry and coming trends.

The Kitchen Ninja

The life of a new-ish chef.  Another great peak behind the curtain at life in the kitchen.

There is my list?  What did I miss?  What should I add?  The comment section is open.


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