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Wine Apps for your Phone

My posting has been pretty sporadic this week because I have been on vacation.  A nice double awaited me upon my return.  The good news is that lots of brainstorming took place on the flight out and roadtrip back.  Tomorrow I will cover another controversial topic regarding servers.  Memorizing orders is something everyone has an opinion on.  Tomorrow I will give mine and teach you my method of memorization.

In the meantime, there was a great article in the local paper today that I wanted to pass along.  All of us could stand to learn a little more about wine.  The problem is that every time you know a wine list forwards and backwards someone comes along and changes it.  For those without a basic knowledge of wine it can be overwhelming.  For those like myself who don’t drink, this knowledge can even be difficult to acquire.

No need to worry.  There is an app for this.  The KC Star ran a great story today on apps for your phone that can help you with wine.  I am not an Iphone guy, but I know many servers who are.  This is a great way to keep this knowledge at your fingertips.

Speaking of newspapers, Western Kansas is not a fun drive.  Besides the world’s largest prairie dog, the Greyhound Hall of Fame, and the boyhood home of Bob Dole there is not much to see.  One of my favorite things to do on road trips is to check the headlines in the local papers.  I feel bad for writers on slow news days.  On this trip I think Colby, KS managed to capture all the excitement to be found in Western Kansas.

The story on the lower left redefines "slow news day"

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